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My name is Chris Ingles and I have been a professional, licensed and apprenticed tattoo artist since 2010, though I started learning about the tattoo process and machine building 11 years before that. On this site you will see a plethora of art related projects including my tattooing portfolio and painting projects. I enjoy many forms of art and as you browse my various portfolios you will see that I devote the same attention to detail to each style. In regards to tattoos in particular; though I prefer photo realism, I strive to give each tattoo the attention it deserves.

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A few quick examples...

Photo Realism

I enjoy the challenge of photo realistic tattoos. For this particular tattoo I took several photographs of a real Old Bay can and used several photoshop tools to alter the image a little to give it a better appearance.

Oil Painting

Using the small 5X7" photo reference for this painting I was able to turn it into a 3X4' piece of art. The original was a gift for a good friend but I liked it so much I had a giclee print made for myself.

Black and Grey

I love doing black and grey tattoos. Unfortunately, I do not get to do them enough! My ability to produce photo realistic tattoos has drawn a certain clientele to me that generally loves color. If you have a cool B&G project be sure to contact me.


The freedom of this category is unreal. When I have the opportunity to produce new creative ideas for these vibrant, outrageous tattoos I jump on it. You can literally do anything with these and the bolder they are the better they are. My love of bright colorful tattoos is clear in my portfolio.

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