From a young age, Chris was interested in many art forms. In school he studied drawing, sculpting, painting, airbrush and others. In his late teens he became interested in tattoos and began getting tattooed at the age of 17. The tattoo studio he frequented became the first of two apprenticeships, trading custom client drawings for tattoo knowledge.

Chris joined the Navy at 18 and traveled the world for 22 yrs deploying in both submarines and then serving in special operations before retiring as a Master Chief in early 2022. While on active duty he continued to focus on his passion of tattooing and completed a second, more formal apprenticeship in 2010 while stationed in WA. During this time, he was developing flash sheets, making custom tattoo machines for fellow artists, and caught the attention of Golden Rule Tattoo where he worked nights and weekends for nearly 3 years when not deployed. In 2013 he moved to NC and operated a private studio for 6 years, tattooing some of the most elite military in the world while also doing guest spots at several studios including Majestic Eye in Tampa, FL. After moving to MD in 2019, many of his NC clientele began traveling to continue to get tattooed by him.

After retirement, Chris joined the team at Dapper Dog Tattoo in Annapolis, MD. Having traveled to over 40 countries, Chris has seen nearly every style of tattooing and technique of application giving him a very well-rounded viewpoint on tattoos, their history and the culture that surrounds them.

Chris enjoys working on complex tattoos, color realism, highly detailed black & grey, geometric, and abstract designs.